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What is Risk Management in Banks?11 Types, Credit Risk Tools

By complying with the Basel Accords, financial institutions can ensure that they maintain adequate capital buffers to absorb potential credit losses, reducing the likelihood of financial instability. Credit default swaps are a type of credit derivative that allows parties to transfer credit risk by exchanging periodic payments for protection against a specified credit event, such […]

Understanding Accountancy Terms: Debtors and Creditors

The distinction between commercial creditors and individual creditors is important when determining legal consequences and debt recovery procedures, as regulations and protections may differ. Nonetheless, both commercial and individual creditors have the right to pursue legal action to recover the money owed to them. All expenses which are recorded on the right side of the […]

Receivable Turnover Ratio Definition, Formula, and Calculation

The ratio shows how many times during the period, sales were collected by a business. The receivable turnover ratio, otherwise known as the debtor’s turnover ratio, is a measure of how quickly a company collects its outstanding accounts receivables. The accounts receivable turnover ratio is important because it offers insight into whether your company is […]

Self-Employed Accounting Software

There are several parts to the Self Assessment tax return. QuickBooks can give you an estimate of your Income Tax and calculate your income and expenses to help you prepare your SA103 form. The figures don’t include partnerships, property income or capital gains. Enjoy effortless expenses with our innovative mileage tracker and receipt capture. […]

Debt to Asset Ratio Formula + Calculator

This may be advantageous for creditors because they are likely to get their money back if the company defaults on loans. The company in this situation is highly leveraged which means that it is more susceptible to bankruptcy if it cannot repay its lenders. This measure is closely watched by lenders and creditors since they […]